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Reliable, Trustworthy and Professional

Usually, emergency plumbing is characterised by poor service standards that justify the low opinion that the public has towards it. But coming from Abbeygate-Plumbing aims to meet the need for a totally trustworthy, professional, and reliable plumbing service; one that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Value For Money

The Abbeygate-Plumbing service has been set up to provide emergency plumbing repairs around the clock. The vans that deliver the service contain a comprehensive range of tools and materials and are equipped to provide a first visit solution to any customer's problem. Each job can therefore be completed in minimum time with maximum convenience. This keeps prices low.

Customer Care Commitment

Abbeygate-Plumbers have been recruited via a careful process where only the best have been selected. They are all highly trained specialists who understand the importance of customer care and who are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. This commitment is checked and monitored via the customer surveys that are regularly conducted.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs And Installations

Abbeygate-Plumbing is a new service from Abbeygate-Rod. All Abbeygate-Plumbers are qualified experts and can be trusted not to evaporate half way through a job, but complete the work to your full satisfaction.

What Abbeygate-Plumbing does :
Repair burst and leaking pipes
Repair toilets, tanks, radiators, Ball valves
Small plumbing installations

How Abbeygate-Plumbing does it :
24 hr rapid response service
superb value prices
trustworthy and reliable
specialist trained plumbers