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Blocked Drains

When drains stop working, you need the problem solved quickly, efficiently and at a fair price. Abbeygate are the acknowledged experts in solving drainage problems in the home or commercial premises.

Abbeygate's Blockage Clearance Service

24 Hour Local Emergency Service
- Abbeygate offer an emergency service capable of response within two hours of your call. Click here to contact your local service or call now on 01784 423405 .

No Call Out Charge - Whatever the problem, Abbeygates engineers will visit your home or premises and provide a quote free of charge and without obligation.

Fixed Prices for Householders - For peace of mind, prices for successfully clearing a normal blockage in a single (not shared) domestic drain or waste pipe are fixed. In the unlikely event that it cannot be cleared using conventional methods, then the engineer will provide a quotation for an additional charge to use specialist equipment designed to further investigate the problem and arrive at the most cost effective solution.

Half Hour Charging for Commercial Premises - For blockage clearance on commercial or industrial premises, prices are charged on a half hourly basis to fairly reflect the actual time taken. Usually the actual price will be quoted before work starts. We'll only proceed if you accept our quotation. Quotes are provided free of charge and without obligation.

Why Drains Block

General Use and Abuse - All drains and waste pipes need cleaning at some time. Drains are often subject to abuse. Scale, silt, grease and foreign objects inevitably accumulate and usually it's only a matter of time before the pipe's capacity and flow is reduced or obstructed to create the conditions for a blockage.

Structural Defect - Underground drains and sewers can suffer from structural defects caused by ground movement, leakage, subsidence, tree root infiltration and corrosion. These problems can lead to reduced or obstructed flow resulting in blockages. Structural defects can be easily detected via Abbeygate's CCTV Drain Surveying Service .

How Drains Are Unblocked

Abbeygate engineers have an armoury of techniques to use to ensure that blockages are not only properly cleared but that they do not re-occur. Your local Abbeygate engineer will recommend the most appropriate technique to resolve your problem:

Drain Rodding - The most basic clearance technique is to eliminate the blockage with steel rods, which will then restore free flowing conditions.

High Pressure Water Jetting - A hose introduced into the pipe fires powerful water jets at up to 5000 psi. A nozzle at the hose end converts the water into laser cutting jets which strip deposits from pipe walls, flush out waste and restore full flow.

Electro-Mechanical Cleaning - Another technique used to thoroughly purge and descale waste pipes and main sewers is electro-mechanical machining. Flexible steel cables fitted with blades and cutters cut quickly through debris, hardened deposits, tree roots etc. to restore normal drainage function.

Tanker Jetting - When larger sewers and culverts need cleaning, Abbeygate tanker jetters are the answer, removing silt and debris fast. This provides the solution when a substantial flow of water (up to 50 gallons a minute) is needed to ensure effective cleaning, or when there is no readily accessible supply of mains water.

The Abbeygate Workmanship Guarantee

For your reassurance, all blockage clearance workmanship carried out by Abbeygate engineers is guaranteed for 7 days. If the blockage reoccurs, it will be rectified free of charge (subject to conditions).

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